Every week a few of my colleagues and I sit down for a roundtable discussion about the hot marketing topics of the day. This week’s topic is about Facebook tab engagement.

One study claims that tab engagement has dropped 53% since the dawn of Timeline. While this has some marketers up in arms, I don’t think it matters as much as many people think it does. Why?

96% of fans never return to a brand page after they’ve liked it—which was true before the advent of Timeline. So the majority of tab traffic driven before Timeline was because of the “interstitial” page Facebook allowed brands to put between Fans and newsfeed content—otherwise known as Like-gating a Page.

So, yes, brands did lose that first chance to capture a lead or offer a deal. However, brands can still Like-gate content on tabs. It’s an important difference that should alter marketers’ Facebook strategies. The podcast outlines what that difference means and how brands can still utilize Facebook tabs. 

What do you think?

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