13 Hidden Pinterest Features

You’ve probably already heard a lot about Pinterest, especially if you’re a marketer. But the platform is jam-packed with a lot of different features—some more obvious than others. Check out my tips below to make sure you’re not missing out on any of the platform’s functionality. Click on the links to see images illustrating where you can find these juicy tidbits on the site. 

1.     Check out your recent activity feed to see who has most recently liked and repinned your content or followed your boards.

2.     Use your pins as an RSS feed on your website or blog

3.     Make sure your pin URL is pointing to the correct location. You can edit the URL after you create your pin.

4.   Embed a pin in anything that supports html (website, newsletter, etc.)

5.   People can follow all of your boards, or they may choose to follow just a few of your boards. Each board has its own follower tally

6.     Don’t forget to choose a cover for each board. You can choose any image in the board as it’s cover.

7.     Connect your other social networks and your website to your profile. 

8.     You can choose to publish your Pinterest activity to your Facebook Timeline (or not). 

9.     Make sure you pin unique content to Pinterest so that you’re contributing to the community. Install the “Pin It” button on your browser. And you can also upload your own photos by clicking the “Add+” button.

10.   Make your descriptions, well, descriptive! Approach it with an SEO mindset—use the right keywords so that folks searching will be able to find it. 

11.     Appropriately categorize your boards so that the pins you post to those boards will be posted in the general category streams

12.     Add a tagline to your boards.

13. Tag users you follow in a pin’s comments. 

Any others I’m missing?

What do you think?

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