How to embed your instagram photo feed into your website

Think that Instagram is a mobile-only photo application? Think again—not only can you view your own instagram photos and your follower’s instagrams via the web, you can use that web application to build a feed of your instagrams direct to your website. And you don’t even have to know how to code. 

Here’s how I did it: 

Step One

Sign up for a free Statigram account.

statigram home feed

Statigram allows you to view and display your instagrams (and the instagrams of those you follow) on the web by using instagram’s api. Statigram has tons of cool features, including the ability to like, comment, and follow/unfollow other instagrammers right from within the web interface. And it provides some engagement metrics as well as lists which filters were used on individual photos. The interface also allows statigram users to message each other privately—functionality that is not part of the instagram app. 

But the most interesting functionality that is unique to Statigram (or at least not available in the instagram app) is a reposting functionality that allows you to “retweet” or “reblog” others’ instagrams. 

Step Two

Grab your Statigram RSS feed URL. 

Step Three

Sign up for a premium account (49.90/year) and select the “Picture Box” template. 

RSSinclude tiers

RSSinclude also has a free tier which includes a Twitter RSS feed, a ticker box, and other text-based RSS options. The premium features are well worth the price—especially if building the code yourself will be a challenge. The Picture Box template is what I used to create my Pinterest feed as well. 

Step Four

Paste the statigram RSS URL into the input feed of your RSSinclude widget. 

input feed

Step Five

Customize your RSSinclude widget. 

Adjust the colors, borders, font, and layout of your widget. 

Step Six 

Grab the code for your formatted widget.

Step Seven

Embed the widget into your website. 

embed widget into your website

I decided to dedicate an entire page of my website to my instagram feed, but you could also embed the feed in a column on the home page of your site. 

Step Eight

Pat yourself on the back. You just did something pretty cool!

What do you think?

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