How to Find Twitter Friends on Instagram and Tumblr

First Twitter revoked “find a friend” access from Instagram, and now Tumblr follows.

While there has been a lot of speculation around why Twitter is taking these actions (along with the recent Papal Bull in regards to clients), there is still a way to find the people you follow on both Instagram and Tumblr by using TweetDig.

How to find twitter friends on Instagram and Tumblr

Here’s how:

1. In your TweetDig account, select “Edit Filters.”

2. Under the “Configure” menu, add a filter.

3. Under “What do you want to filter by?” select “App” and from the drop down menu, select the appropriate app.

4. You’ll have to wait a few minutes for the steam to populate, but when it does you’ll have a tweet stream of all the people you follow on who are tweeting Instagram (or whichever app you chose) links.

5. Scan for Twitter folks you want to follow on Instagram. Clicking on Instagram links will open a window with that Instagram. You can follow that user on Instagram right from within that window.

Ta-da! Now admittedly, this is an imperfect system, but better than nothing IMO.  In my experience I’ve found that folks tend to share their own Instagrams on Twitter, though it’s certainly possible that your Twitter friends will share others’ photos. Also, this will not work if your friends are sharing Instagram links through a link shortener or any other app.

Also judging from own immediate experience, links shared directly from Instagram are many times more common than links shared directly from Tumblr. So if you want your Twitter followers to also follow you on Tumblr, my advice is to put that URL in your Twitter bio.

And for the record, the blog you’re currently reading is based on Tumblr’s platform.

What do you think?

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