No more Twitter triggers for IFTTT? Hootsuite to the rescue.

hootsuite and ifttt

For the record, I’m not a big fan of post automation. For example, the same welcome tweet to new followers or automated tweeting of new blog posts as soon as they are published seem a bit lazy and unimaginative (as well as quite obvious) to me. So it stands to reckon that I should not be a fan of IFTTT (if this, then that)—a glue service that can connect many different online services to create automated tasks or “recipes.”

But recipes don’t need to create publicly facing posts and its many of these functions that I find valuable. For example, one of the recipes I use is adding my Foursquare checkins to my Google Calendar. This reminder is helpful for when I’m journaling or when I’m having trouble remembering the name of that great place I went to last Thursday. 

But whether you are for or against automated posting, IFTTT’s integration with Hootsuite earlier this month gives everyone something to cheer about. IFTTT had to shut down its Twitter integration on Sept. 20 in order to comply with Twitter’s new API rules. IFTTT fans were without a Twitter option until earlier this month when the company announced their integration with Hootsuite. 

But this integration is actually an improvement on the Twitter integration because a) it gives you the ability to post to any of the networks Hootsuite supports including Twitter and b) it offers three levels of post customization. 

So for those folks who don’t want to worry about composing a tweet every time a new post is published to their blog, they can create a recipe for those posts to be sent immediately. 

For those people who want a little bit more control, you can choose to have Hootsuite create a new message with AutoSchedule. That means your post won’t be published immediately, but your posts will be automatically be scheduled at the optimal times for engagement according to Hootsuite’s algorithms. 

And for folks who want the most control (like myself) you can choose to have Hootsuite create a draft message. This is handy if you want to edit the post content and schedule by hand. In other words, it’s another great tool in your curation arsenal. 

I created a GoogleReader/Hootsuite recipe just for this purpose. It works like this: if I tag any article in my GoogleReader with ‘TWT’ then a draft tweet will be created for my personal twitter handle. I can then go back through my drafts and schedule/edit at my leisure. 

Have you connected your Hootsuite account to IFTTT yet? What recipes will you build with this integration?

What do you think?

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