Like Instagram’s web profiles? Why aren’t you using Statigram yet?

Last week Instagram began rolling out web-based profiles with much cheering and huzzah-ing by the digital community. This is the second step Instagram has taken away from their mobile roots, with the first being earlier this year when the company added the photo page and with it the ability to like and comment from a browser

The web profile is certainly pretty, especially with its Facebook-like hero image that constantly rotates your most recent snaps in and out of that high visibility space. It gives your Instagrams a nice home on the web, and I’m sure many folks will use that URL in their Twitter bios. But my attitude towards this update can best be summed up as “meh.” 

The reason why is because I started using Statigram earlier this year, which already utilizes Instagram’s API to create a web-based feed of your photos. But wait, there’s more. About 10 times more.

Here’s why you’ll want to sign up for a free account too. 

1. Web feed of the accounts you follow

Easily scroll through the Instagrams of all the people you follow as well as like and comment right from the web. 

2. Search for people, hashtags, and keywords 

Just type a term (or a name) and get a list of associated hashtags and accounts (organized by popularity).

3. Easily share photos from Statigram to Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, G+, and Facebook or just generate a URL that you can share anywhere. 

Sure you can share to these networks from the app, but if you’re using a browser, you have the option to share that way as well. Plus by using the URL generator, you can schedule the sharing of your instagrams if you’re using an engagement platform like Hootsuite

4. Feeds of your likes, followers, and followings. 

Much more easy to browse than the mobile app, you can follow and unfollow users right from the web. You can also group the people you follow for more organized viewing. For example, I grouped all the brands I follow into one folder so I can spy on them better. 

5. Statistics!

Statigram comes with stats such as the number of likes and comments you receive, which content is the most engaging, how to optimize your Instagrams, and follower gain/loss. While this might not be appealing to your average user, brands and nerds like me will find this very useful. 

6. Reposting functionality

Ever wanted to re-instagram an instagram? Well you can on Statigram. Any reposted photo is marked with a pink “reposted” symbol in the upper left corner and calls out the originator’s account name. 

7. Comments tracker

Another feature that’s great for brands who need a way to better manage their Instagram community. The comments tracker calls out any comments on your instagrams that did not receive a response. You can also send a private message to another Statigram user. 

8. RSS feed

I used my Statigram RSS feed to build a feed of my Instagrams into my website. If you want to find out how I did it, I wrote this post a few months back (coincidentally, it’s still the most visited post on my website).  

9. Facebook Tab

Create a Facebook app for your Page with the click of a few buttons. 

10. Contest App Tool Kit

Fill out a quick form and Statigram will send you a toolkit for creating and promoting an Instagram contest. You can moderate and monitor, as well as track results, from Statigram’s platform.


Create a Facebook Timeline cover photo out of your 50 latest Instagrams. You can’t editorially select the photos used in the patchwork, but the end result is pretty cool. 

Have you used Statigram or any other web viewer for Instagram?

What do you think?

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